Joyel Spa Massage Oil products are specifically made for professional use, meeting standards required by international spa establishments. It has several different quality carrier oils rich with vitamin A, B1, B2 and B6 to moisturize, nourish and alleviate skin rashes, light non sticky oil with anti-oxidant properties, pure Vitamin E to moisturize skin, and Oil also rich with Vitamin E. The fine and light oil texture allows fast absorption to deeply nourish and protect, and at the same time relieves spotty acne conditions. Suitable for all skin types, Joyel Spa Oil products are made with specially formulated aromatherapy pure essential oils and Herbal Extracts delivering various skin nourishing benefits and relaxation that are second to none.

Joyel Spa Body Scrubs products , a combination of natural exfoliators blended with moisturizing plant oils rich in essential fatty acids to boost skin’s vitality. It’s gentle polishing action gently removes dead cells from the skin’s surface without harming underlying layers and also acts to boost circulation-invigorating the skin to help to improve firmness and tone. The rich moisturizing blend leaves freshly buffed skin soft, supple and velvety smooth. We also offer a complete line of cosmetic, health, and beauty products from Gernetics.

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