Massages & beauty treatments make wonderful gifts. How much time do we spend trying to find special gifts for friends and loved ones? Gifts that they will truly enjoy, and show how much we care. We have Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and those times when you just want to give someone you care about something special or romantic. Shop online here and find a perfect, unique gift for your loved one quickly and conveniently.

We have products for men and women! Many of our massage clients are men who have discovered the benefits of a deep, relaxing massage on their own, or by recieving a massage as a gift. Also, massage and beauty treatments can be a family activity as husbands & wives, sisters, mothers & daugthers, or good friends come to Joyel together to enjoy a day of relaxing massage and beauty treatments.

You can choose from our complete line of massage and beauty treatments. The web site explains the technique and the benefit of each treatment so you can make the best choice. Also, we offer a complete line of healthy cosmetics from the renowned cosmetic company Gernetics.



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